iSOLD It Promotes Partnership with VetFran

As part of the iSOLD It® system, one of our top priorities is the entrepreneurial success and satisfaction of our franchisees. We do everything in our power to ensure that each franchisee with iSOLD It® has access to the tools necessary to live out their dreams of business ownership to the fullest.

To this point, iSOLD It® works closely as a partner with VetFran, the leading source of resources for veterans and their spouses entering the franchise industry, to drive the expansion of iSOLD It® throughout the nation.

“We have the utmost respect for our military veterans and have found that the skills they learn while in service are extremely complementary to franchising,” said CEO Fred Morache. “A strong work ethic, the drive to succeed, the ability to follow a proven system and a teamwork attitude are just some of the qualities that put veterans ahead of the game when it comes to franchising.”

iSOLD It® and iSOLD It @ Home® offer a 25% discount on the brands’ franchise fees to military veterans and their spouses in conjunction with Vet Fran, putting business ownership even closer within grasp.

For more information about the iSOLD It® franchise opportunities, click here.

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