The iSOLD It Story

The easy way to sell on eBay

iSOLD It eBay Sales Agreement Selling Services Franchise

iSOLD It® was founded so that everyone—from individuals, to businesses, to fundraising organizations—would have an easy way to sell merchandise on eBay. Like many service stores personalized attention, reliability, and expert skills are what makes iSOLD It eBay Franchise a trusted outlet for sellers and online buyers. Our business formula is dedicated to turning unused or unwanted items into cash.

ebay-drop-off-locationSince opening the first iSOLD It location in Pasadena CA, 17 years ago, franchisees have sold over 760,000 items on eBay, Amazon, Craig’s List and Gun Broker  in stores across the country. In the process, iSOLD It became America’s highest volume eBay sales assistance network.

In 2009, the current Franchisor purchased the iSold It Network and has expanded the franchise opportunity available to people looking to own their own business.

With proven stores operating today across the country iSOLD It offers two franchise models: iSOLD It Stores and iSOLD It@Home™. iSOLD It Stores fit into retail locations or commercial mixed space where the store can accept truckloads of product or in a retail or home location a pallet of goods through the front door. Stores have the potential of growing sales beyond six-figure volumes. You can choose an iSOLD It @Home Franchise with a modest investment and very low overhead. The system is proven to work in a home with potentially high gross profit margins . iSOLD It @Home can be developed into a valuable asset or expanded later into a store.

Our franchise opportunity is driven by the belief that there is money to be made selling products online from the enormous inventory of unused or unwanted overstock of items sitting on shelves and storage in people’s homes.

We employ a sales system, developed with experience, to potentially deliver good revenues and profit. iSOLD It trains new franchisees developing them as experts in selling on eBay and Amazon. We teach our proprietary system for selling items rapidly and at the best price. iSOLD It has assembled a valuable collection of beneficial business relationships and unique programs that include automated sale agreement customer payments, sourcing for owned items at very favorable wholesale prices, nationally provided Sale Agreement products at good sales fees, deep discounts on shipping, shipped package coverage, sophisticated marketing methods and more.


Every new store opens with an overstock product inventory included in the initial investment. Our product inventory supplier inspects items, provides detailed manifests of products and assembles pallets for delivery directly to the Franchisee’s location.

iSOLD It is a great choice for owning your own business while participating in the fast growing, fast paced online sales business. To the public iSOLD It is known as the easy way to sell on eBay.

iSOLD It is a fun business to be in and it is a flexible opportunity to match your business goals or the life-style you want to lead.