iSOLD It® is part of the exciting and growing field of Reverse Logistics. We turn items into cash selling them on eBay and Amazon. This can be your opportunity to participate in the future of ecommerce. Whether the business is done in an iSOLD It Store or iSOLD It @Home™, our unique sales system delivers products through the front door (Sales Agreement) and back door (owned items).

eBay & Overstock Sales Franchise Opportunity2 systems for selling

Simply put, we sell items people bring to us, and we sell overstock products—surplus and returns. iSOLD It franchisees make money from sales fees paid by people we sell for and from the proceeds of items Franchisees own.

i-soldit-at-homeALWAYS PRODUCT TO SELL

The iSOLD It difference is we always have a ready supply of products through our Fast Track Sales System™, which includes an exclusive arrangement for overstock items originating with the world’s biggest retailers and online sellers. At the same time, we offer our online sales expertise to the public, taking their items on Sales Agreement to sell on eBay or Amazon.

iSOLD It overstock sales franchise owners are local experts always seeking the quickest sale at the best price. Our Fast Track Sales System includes intensive training that focuses on the most efficient techniques for selling while stressing compliance with eBay and Amazon policies.

i-soldit-storeiSOLD It@HOME AND iSOLD It STORE


  1. Products are delivered to iSOLD It, ordered from detailed manifest statements of overstock items. These are owned by Franchisees at low cost and destined for sale on eBay or Amazon. And customers consign items to hold and to sell online. It’s a quick and easy way for people to convert items into cash. You hold items for a limited time until they are sold or returned to them. Franchisees advertise to consumers as the easy way to sell on eBay.
  2. overstock sales franchise businessProducts taken into inventory are inspected, researched and tested — a key step to meet accurate descriptions for selling.
  3. Photos are taken.
  4. A listing is created by writing copy and inserting the photo.
  5. When the item sells, you collect the winning bid minus online fees and if on Sales Agreement you keep the sales fees and the buyer is paid minus shipping and online fees via a check forwarding system.
  6. packagingWhen you sell an owned or Sales Agreement item, proceeds are automatically deposited in your bank account, minus online fees. Our automated payment system eliminates the need to hold cash to pay customers or write checks.

For more details and a full discussion covering our iSOLD It eBay franchise opportunity use this link to 5 Easy Steps to Get Started