The most commonly asked questions about owning an iSOLD It franchise, cost, financing, location and more are answered in this section. Simply click on any questions below and an answer will drop down. You can contact us via phone or email at You’ll find our contact information in the last FAQ: How do I get started?

What is the initial investment cost?

The estimated initial investment range is $62,000 to 240,000. This includes our franchise fee, start-up costs, construction, equipment, software, supplies, and training for our two franchise models—PC/iSOLD It @ Home, $62,000 to $88,000 and a Postal Connections & iSOLD It® Store $138,000 to $240,000. Recommended working capital of $15,000 to $25,000 is included. Actual costs vary depending on if you choose PC/iSOLD It @Home or a PC/ISI Store. Location and geographic factors can affect cost. Military veterans are eligible for a 20% discount on the franchise fee saving you thousands.

Does Postal  Connections & iSOLD It help find business financing?


Each Postal Connections & iSOLD It store has a protected territory based on population density and minimum geographic area. It ensures that no other Postal Connections & iSOLD It store will be placed within that territory without your approval. Territories are determined once your home location is approved or your store site has been selected.

Will I get a protected trade territory for my store or @Home location?


Each iSOLD It store has a protected territory based on population density and minimum geographic area. It ensures that no other iSOLD It store will be placed within that territory without your approval. Territories are determined once your home location is an iSOLD It or your store site has been selected.

Will iSold It help with design and installation of my business?


iSOLD It has an arrangement with several experienced suppliers and installers. For iSOLD It Stores we have an arrangement with a professional, quality builder and installer of commercial space with clients that include other national retail chains. For both iSOLD It @Home we provide those fixtures needed for operating our system and work closely with you to install the business in your home or designated space. For both models you receive a space plan for us both to approve. This enables you to give accurate instructions to your landlord and local installers of phones, internet, and power. The space plan is what you use to acquire local permits. iSOLD It helps you through every step of this process. We will answer all of your questions, assist with vendor sourcing and guide you on how to acquire the necessary items locally.

How long does it take to get open for business?

An iSOLD It @ Home model can be set up within weeks following the first “live-action” training session. Once the franchise is fully funded your homebased business contents will be shipped and we assist you in sourcing locally the items that need to be purchased. We arrange to have our Regional Trainer on site when the contents arrive and set-up is ready to go. This installation process should take only a day.

A Postal Connections & iSOLD It Store can be open within 45 – 90 days from the time you sign a space lease. Because of our unique build-out system and arrangement with professional designers and installers, we can move quickly. Our staff trainer will be on site when you open. (See FAQ above: “Will Postal Connections & iSOLD It help with the design and build-out of my store?”)

What is included in my training?

Postal Connections & iSOLD It training begins when you receive our manuals for business development, opening, operating and marketing your store. For a Postal Connections & iSOLD It Store, a total of nine days of comprehensive training is provided. This includes a five-day “live action” training session in one of our regional training stores working with customers, operating the business management system and learning how the equipment works. You will learn our consignment and owned-item sales system, buying liquidated products and more. You will also learn how the POS software operates, customer services skills and methods from a top-performing Postal Connections franchisee. Your comprehensive training continues with a four-day session in your new store when it opens. During this time, your trainer will check your store to be sure all is set up properly, accounts are open, supplies have arrived and retail items are in place. The trainer assists with equipment and software to be sure you know how to operate it.

When our Postal Connections and iSOLD It trainer leaves, you are ready to serve your customers, operate the store and set up marketing tactics. The trainer is then available as your mentor for the next three months.

What assistance will I receive after initial training?

Postal Connections & iSOLD It provides ongoing assistance online, on the phone, and with store visits when needed. This includes direct access to our senior management team and all key company personnel. Our new store trainers are available for coaching for three months after opening. We also have a private franchisee internet system: We typically return calls within 24 hours.

Much of the support is delivered through franchisee network meetings. The most important of these is our Annual Franchisee Conference. Here we provide accessibility to business experts and offer exciting ways to improve the business acumen of our franchisees. New products are also unveiled at the Conference.

We have national agreements with key vendors who have excellent track records for user-customer service. Postal Connections & iSOLD It staff regularly work with vendors to improve their products and ongoing services. When assistance is needed we work on your behalf with vendors.

Postal Connections & iSOLD It’s training goal is two-fold. 1. We want to provide all the tools and knowledge needed to start up your store; 2. To remain engaged with you on an ongoing basis to guide you in operating and marketing your business.

How easy is it to own multiple iSOLD It stores?

Postal Connections & iSOLD It encourages multi-store ownership.  In fact, we have financial incentives if you or your family to enter into a multiple store arrangement. Our franchise fee for the 2nd store is reduced to $15,200. For the 3rd store and any subsequent store’s the franchise fee is $11,500.

Can iSOLD It franchises be transferred to a new owner?


Several Postal Connections & iSOLD It Stores have been transferred to new owners. We assist you with organizing the sale and can help find a buyer. There is a transfer fee that pays for the training of the new owner and administrative costs incurred by iSOLD It Headquarters. The transfer fee is for Postal Connections & iSOLD It @Home is $1,500 and for a Postal Connections & iSOLD It Store it is $5,000. This is paid by the Postal Connections & iSOLD It Franchisee at time of sale and should be rolled into the price of the business.

What is iSOLD It’s vision for the future?

Postal Connections & iSOLD It plans steady growth over the next decade. We expect to grow to several hundred Postal Connections & iSOLD It stores across the country with two franchise models and the added iSOLD It service departments inside Postal Connections® pack and ship stores. Postal Connections & iSOLD It is a franchise opportunity for small business owners to participate in the fast growing ecommerce environment at an investment level they choose.

We see our opportunity to be known as more than a pack and ship store and appealing to a larger geographic trade territory as Postal Connections eBay Drop Off Centers. We believe, over time, Postal Connections & iSOLD It will become the brand recognized as the easy way to turn unwanted items into cash. Millions of potential U.S. customers are under-served seeking convenience, choices and expertise for delivering specialized jobs.

How do I get started?

Just contact us. Call 1.800.767.8257 and speak with us or email us at But the fastest way to get started is apply online here.

This is a secure and confidential application. When you contact us, we will respond rapidly and keep your information in strictest confidence using it only for the purpose of discussing our franchise opportunity.