iSOLD It Delivers Exciting Franchising Opportunity for Veterans

Part of the VetFran program, iSOLD offers discounted franchising fees to qualified service members so they can build thriving business

Veterans and armed force service members know what hard work and dedication means. These core values are also the primary drivers for success as an iSOLD It franchisee. This synergy of values makes iSOLD It a rewarding small business opportunity for veterans looking to ease back into civilian life with work that can leverage their experience in the armed forces.

Even better, iSOLD It makes it easier to own a franchise by offering qualified veterans a 25% discount off their initial franchise fee. iSOLD It is a part of the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative (VetFran) program that assists veterans interested in franchise opportunity options.

Equally important, veterans and civilians alike appreciate that iSOLD It capitalizes on the rise of e-commerce, an industry that is expected to grow by leaps and bounds now and in the future. iSOLD It franchisees help the public sell products on eBay, Craigslist and Amazon and also sell from an overstock inventory of their own. Franchisees collect a fee for each item sold.

Veterans can choose from two turnkey models: Both models receive all key fixtures, equipment and the software and supplies needed to operate the business successfully. The iSOLD It @Home model allows franchisees to operate out of their homes. The PC/ iSOLD It Store model is a Postal Connections store with an added iSOLD It department. This option allows for providing many business related products and services as well as additional ecommerce overstock inventory that will generate more online sales.

iSOLD It has a track record of outstanding training and support operations which means veterans need not go into business alone and can always rely on the franchise for ongoing help. A red-hot franchise in a high-demand market makes iSOLD It a standout opportunity for veterans as they look to leverage their skills to build a thriving business.

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