iSOLD It’s Concept Helps Franchisee Add New Revenue Stream

Rick Martin appreciates complementary suite of services that iSOLD It offers to his thriving Postal Connections store

Rick Martin brought years of work experience with him when he knew he was ready for a career reboot and jump into business for himself. He had worked for 20 years in the insurance business. As Rick explored entrepreneurship opportunities, he especially appreciated the idea of having two businesses he could operate to complement each other. Rick decided to add an iSOLDIt department to his Postal Connections store and has been impressed by how well he can work the two business concepts strategically to boost revenues.

Rick differentiates his iSOLD It services by inviting the public to bring top-notch items in to the store to sell through eBay and other outlets such as Amazon and Craigslist. Franchisees such as Rick keep a percentage of revenues from all articles they help sell. Among the many unusual high-ticket items Rick has sold: an ink well from a seventeenth-century English castle, a Swiss watch and recumbent bikes.

Rick is delighted by the steady income that iSOLD It has added to his already thriving Postal Connections business. “The two concepts are so complementary and having both streams of revenue in the same place allows me to keep my costs low while offering an increased variety of services,” Rick says.

Rick’s highest emphasis for both his iSOLD It and Postal Connections businesses is delivering top-notch customer service. He believes in going above and beyond for every customer who then typically will spread the word and generate positive referrals.

Passionate, sales-driven entrepreneurs will especially enjoy the flexible business models that iSOLD It offers. Whether as a stand-alone or as part of a Postal Connections store, an iSOLD It business helps drive new revenue through a unique and diverse concept.

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