Experienced Franchising Leadership Team Shape iSOLD It Success

Launched more than fifteen years ago, this company has helped the public and franchisees cash in on the growing arc of online e-commerce

More than 15 years ago, iSOLD It launched as a franchise that helps the public and franchisees cash in on the rising volume of e-commerce. On a path to strategic national expansion, iSOLD It has helped sell over 75,000 items on eBay and Amazon. Its position as the premier eBay sales assistance network has been carefully crafted over the years.

In 2009, executives Fred Morache and C. “Andy” Thompson bought the iSOLD It franchising network and have nurtured it to a point of carefully planned growth.

Andy Thompson brings over 20 years of domestic and international franchise experience by designing systems for small business retail networks and training thousands of franchise owners and managers worldwide in business operations and management. Andy is one of iSOLD It’s key point people when it comes to instructing and equipping new franchisees with the necessary tools to get their new business up and running.

Fred Morache has decades of experience in the industry and knows the formula to build franchise concepts into outstanding successes. Starting with McDonald’s, Morache has also developed marketing and franchising strategies for Fortune 500 companies, nurturing them to powerful international brands.

Thompson and Morache plan on accelerating iSOLD It’s growth through two models: The iSOLD It department nested within a Postal Connections store and the iSOLD It @Home model that operates on lower overheads from a franchisee’s home. Both models are fully supported by the franchise and are geared toward franchisee success.

iSOLD It continues to pursue an aggressive growth strategy that keeps its original mission in mind and leverages the experience of its seasoned executives. As the world of online commerce continues to gain momentum, iSOLD It franchisees too can leverage a proven model to build their own thriving business.

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